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Technical Services and Design Office AKANT bis, Przeźmierowo near Poznań
We are a private, prof
essional unit involved in both designing and carrying out projects.
We have built our experience o
n the 70 years old tradition of our company.
In our work we use computer designing as well as cost estim
ation schedules.

According to the investors requirements we undertake the following functions:
    • General Constructor
    • Substitute Investor
    • Projector of specification and coast estimation schedule
    • Supervisor of the execution and completion of the project
    • Designer of urban projects
We prepare in particular:
    • Maps
    • Geotechnical research of construction sites
    • Formal and legal specification on everyu stage of construction, including completion
We are experienced in co-operation with building offices and banks.
We crown our work with gaining the official decision to use the completed structure.
Our company holds a lot of positive references, the list of which we enclose.
                                                                                                                                                                                 AKANTbis proprietor

Mr Jerzy Domagalski, MSC, Architect